My name is J, married, with two children.  In October, I had to have   emergency surgery to remove my gallbladder.  My husband had to miss work and did not have leave to cover the time off. We were short on our mortgage and utility bills.  I did not know where to turn to get help.  My roommate in the hospital told me to contact Love INC.  It took me three weeks to think about asking for help.  One day, I drove by Love INC’s office; Lucy and Anna prayed, consoled, and assisted me with my paperwork.  Love INC and St. Vincent de Paul helped us with our mortgage. I am truly thankful and grateful for all the sacrifices and financial support people give to Love in Name of Christ so that I could be one of the beneficiaries. When I was at one of the lowest moments of my life, they were there to help me.  I don’t know them well but in my heart, they are my unsung heroes.  One of my mentors told me once:  “Whatever you keep you lose, whatever you give away you possess forever.”  You’ve changed and inspired my life because you give.  You’ve left footprints with each one of us Love INC helps and have impacted our lives forever.   Keep up the good work.  I salute you!

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