J and his wife had separated; she had their children, but then made some unfortunate choices and the State took them.  J came to the homeless shelter and started custody procedures.  He discovered the shelter had a special program for his circumstances.  He finished the program, found an apartment and qualified for custody of his four children.  His apartment had three bedrooms but was bare. The family had nothing.

While Intake Dept. was  working with J, a lady called on the other line with a bunk bed to give away!  Love INC doesn’t go to Winlock but she said she might be able to deliver it.  Our Intake Dept. turned into Gary the list of stuff that J needed —33 items to make a home, from a couch to a washing machine and dryer. The Winlock donation came the next day and Gary managed to get a volunteer to help take it over to J at 5 that evening.  We were able to give them a couch and  love seat that not only matched but coordinated with the dining set and carpet as well.  The next day, a washer and dryer were donated and soon — J had everything he needed!  His children were wide-eyed with appreciation as the Love INC truck pulled in and the volunteers brought the goods in.

J. was overwhelmed and said, “This surely must be God.  This tells me He really does care about me after all.”  Love….in the Name of Christ.

Phil.4:19   But my God shall supply all your need according to his riches in glory by Christ Jesus.

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