He was homeless, living in his truck and out of fuel when he called.  He was also distraught because it was winter and cold.  After we got him calmed down, we completed the intake process and decided to help.  One of our staff went out to meet him and put enough fuel in the truck to get it to a gas station where we added to it.  He was aware of the Lewis County Gospel Mission daytime shelter (they also serve both breakfast and lunch on week days.)  We were able to tell him about the  cold weather shelter and other churches that serve meals. We had an opportunity to pray that God would watch over him and provide for him.  Later this Spring, we were blessed with a substantial supply of logs of different diameters and lengths which were stored at the Lewis County Gospel Mission’s new facility.  This   same   gentleman   was   at   the mission, found out the wood  was for Love INC and asked if he could cut it up for us. We said, “yes” and that is now being done!

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